Monday, June 12th, 2006

Rogue Amoeba recently put up conversion rates for their apps, and Paul Kafasis suggested I do the same. So I have!

These are the numbers from 2006-
App% of DownloadsConversion
VoodooPad Lite23.3%100%!!!

And you wonder why there hasn't been an update to FlyGesture... :) (That's ok, I'm it's biggest fan).

As I was looking through my logs, I was kind of shocked at how often the web spiders and such make requests for my dmg's. Here are those numbers as well (and remember, this is just 2006):

Googlebot: 4,479
Yahoo Slurp: 2,603
Jeeves: 400
msnbot: 5,801
iGetter: 2,020 - this is like from 10 people. wtf?
Some java app that grabs all my apps in little burts: 18,755
And then there was some idiot who downloaded VoodooPad 2,014 times in 10 minutes.

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FuzzMeasure Pro 2.0 is now ready for human consumption.

Congrats to Chris Liscio on shipping. I know he worked really hard to get this app out.

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