Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Do NOT play Mario Kart DS in the car. Wow did I get dizzy.

My friend id is 030 124 265 302 by the way.

It's super-awesomely fun.

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I got to play with Yahoo's new/beta mail client today. Here's a picture of it running in Firefox. I gotta tell ya, this is The Shit™. It kick's GMail's ass up and down the street. And I actually kind of liked GMail. The one negative that I've found so far is that it doesn't do threading of messages, but I assume that they realize this and it's still beta… chances are we'll see it some day.

One of the reasons I like the new mail client is because it looks a lot like Outlook Express 5 did on Mac OS 9 (that was officially the greatest email client ever made by the way. I still have to fight with myself about writing a clone of it every once and a while). It's just... pretty. And it works like you'd expect it to. It's even got freaken' tabs!

But pictures don't really do it justice so I put together a little movie of it in action. You can watch it right here. It's a 5.2 meg Quicktime 7 file... so you've been warned. That, and I'm moving around the cursor like a madman in the video. I can't believe that's a webapp.

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