Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

I spent a bit of time today reading up on Subversion, a new(ish) version control system. With the help of the Subversion Book and Joe, I've started to wrap my head around it- but it has been difficult. After years of using CVS I think my mind had been warped.

I do like what I've seen so far. No more Attic directories, and moving files around looks like it isn't a pain in the ass. The only thing that I wish it did have was something along the lines of cvs's ability to work through SSH, without using a running server on the other end. Having YAS (Yet Another Service) running doesn't really appeal to me, or my sysadmin for that matter.

Of course, I have been meaning to get WebDAV up and running... maybe I'll revisit it later on this week.

Update: Looks like I was wrong about ssh access- you don't need a dedicated server, svn+ssh will launch a private 'svnserve' process on the remote box. Which is what I'd want.

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