Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

So, Gus's adventures in midi keyboards continues on... I put together another little diddy in GarageBand this evening, taking just under an hour to do. Here's how I made this one-

First, I picked a tempo (90) and a drum line. I then turned it up real loud.
Next I noodled around on my guitar for a little bit figuring out what the bass line would be.
Record! Play the bass line for a couple of minutes with the drums (loudly) playing. The reason I turn it up is so I don't loose my rhythm.
After that, record the lead guitar. Although it's not much of a lead- more like little bits of notes here and there.
Play all that a couple of times, while randomly hitting the keyboard trying to figure out what notes are going to work best for a particular part.. then noodle around with the keyboard a bit more and figure out the chords to go with it (this is getting a little easier)

TADA! - Nine Thirty.mp3 (3M)

It's a little slow to start- so don't give up before 5 seconds or so...

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