I've managed to finally make a universal binary of the "Python Plugin Enabler" for VoodooPad. And when I say "I did it!", what I really mean is Ian Baird did it by helping me out a ton, including submitting a patch for py2app. (Thanks Ian!)

You can grab the plugin from here:

What this does is allow you to make short one-file plugins for VoodooPad written in Python. Here's a quick example, which creates a new page with the current date:

VPScriptSuperMenuTitle = "Python PlugIns"
VPScriptMenuTitle = 'New Page With Current Date (python)'

import time

def main(windowController, *args, **kwargs):
    textView = windowController.textView()
    document = windowController.document()
    pageName = time.strftime('%Y.%m.%d')


You just put that in a file named something like "new_page_with_current_date.py", and stick it in:
~/Library/Application Support/VoodooPad/Script PlugIns/

and you are good to go.

(I should also acknowlege and thank Jonathan Wight, since he's the guy who originally wrote it. Thanks Jonathan!)