The winter solstice is upon us. Let there be light again!

The entries for Cocoa Duel are up. I tried to do a really simple worms knockoff (worms is one of my favorite games of all time). At least, that was my intention. Now I want to redo it using some different technologies, and take it a lot farther.

Joe's latest project, TrenchMice is live. "It’s meant to provide a forum and rating mechanism to really tease out the soft data associated with employers - the good and the less than optimal."

Brent has tagged me. So I shall answer his call.

Five Things People Don’t Know About Me:

1) With a bit of a warm-up period, I can juggle 7 balls for about 20 tosses. (See- a bunch of you knew I could juggle 5 for some time- but ha! you didn't know about 7!)

2) I'm an eagle scout.

3) I have a thing for tents. Every time I walk into REI I have to hold myself back from purchasing another one. (Ohhh look at the Marmot Eos 1P! And I need to upgrade my Swallow!)

4) I'm a rock climber and I really enjoy it, but contrary to popular belief, I think ice climbing is about the stupidest thing you could ever do. (It's freezing cold out there, you're climbing a brittle sheet of ice, and you're swinging ice axes around. Take care not hit the rope that's keeping you from falling to your death!) And here's a movie of me redpointing "spankme", a very steep 10b sport climb.

5) I played through Diablo in a single weekend. Then a couple of months later (even as my butt was still sore from sitting down for 48 hours straight) I repeated the marathon session with Diablo 2. This is why I refuse to play World of Warcraft.